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  • Powered by ATI RAGE 128 PRO - a 128-bit graphics engine and 64-bit memory interface
  • 16MB of powerful memory
  • 32-bit true color 3D graphics up to 1280x1024
  • Hardware DVD for full-screen, full-frame rate MPEG-2/DVD playback
  • 2D graphics support up to 1900x1200x32bpp @ 80 Hz
  • Support for Direct3D and OpenGL to power all your favorite graphics-intensive 3D games and applications
  • Supports TV WONDER, the add-on TV tuner card
  • Features ATI's MULTIMEDIA CENTER software
  • Available in PCI bus

Advanced 128-bit 3D Graphics Acceleration

  • RAGE 128 PRO 128-bit graphics technology
  • Maximum 3D resolution: 1600x1200
  • 32-bit true color (16.7 million colors) 3D graphics up to 1280x1024
  • Advanced 3D features including triangle setup engine, ATI's superscalar rendering technology, twin cache architecture, complete alpha blending, video textures, texture lighting and single-pass multi-texturing

Hardware DVD Video Playback

  • Built-in hardware DVD technology saves you the hassle and expense of buying a separate MPEG-2/DVD decoder card
  • Process full-frame rate, full-screen MPEG-2 or DVD video
  • Experience incredible video playback on your PC and free up a valuable slot in your computer

Brilliant 2D Graphics

  • 32-bit true color 2D graphics support up to 1920x1200 @ 80Hz
  • Full support of Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows Me

Full Support for OpenGL and Direct3D

  • Support for powerful and demanding Direct3D and OpenGL applications
  • Experience cool effects like Z-based fog for incredible realism with advanced 3D architecture
  • Ideally matched with DirectX, supporting new DirectX features such as multi-texturing, stencil planes and bump mapping

Supports TV WONDER

  • Get TV on your PC by adding on TV WONDER
  • TV WONDER lets you zoom in on the action, capture video from your TV or even watch TV for you unattended


  • Combines all multimedia needs in one central, easy-to-use application
  • Through one common interface, watch DVD, TV (requires TV WONDER), perform basic video editing functions, listen to audio CDs and play MPEG-1/MPEG-2 files

3D Acceleration Features

  • OpenGL ICD for Windows NT 4.0 & Windows 2000/98/Me
  • 7.0 DirectX, Direct3D, DirectDraw
  • Triangle Setup Engine
  • Texture Cache
  • Bilinear/Trilinear Filtering
  • Line & Edge Anti-Aliasing
  • Texture Compositing
  • Texture Decompression
  • Specular Highlights
  • Perspectively Correct Texture Mapping
  • Mip-Mapping
  • Z-buffering and Double-buffering
  • Fog effects, texture lighting, video textures, reflections, shadows, spotlights, LOD biasing and texture morphing


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