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Advanced graphics acceleration for PC work stations


  • ATI RAGE 128 GL graphics engine with advanced 3D graphics architecture and 128-bit memory interface
  • 32MB of memory to handle massive graphics textures at high resolutions for improved application performance and user interface
  • 32-bit true color 3D graphics up to 1920x1200
  • Fully featured OpenGL ICD optimization for professional graphics, 3D animation, CAD/CAM and visualization applications
  • Hardware DVD for full-frame rate, full-screen DVD playback
  • Features ATI Multimedia Center Software


  • 250 MHz for flicker free display

Advanced 128-bit 3D Graphics Acceleration

  • 32MB of memory and ATI RAGE 128 GL technology to provide definitive 3D acceleration for PC workstations
  • Full 3D acceleration in all modes and color depths in resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 32bpp
  • Delivers critical benefits such as fast and accurate wire frame modeling and smoother animation
  • Allows for extensive cut-away views, shadowing algorithms and masking for portal engines
  • Power productivity applications in CAD/CAM, 3D design and modeling, visualization and economic/financial modeling
  • Advanced graphics architecture with ATI's Superscalar Rendering technology , line and edge anti-aliasing, gouraud shading, twin cache architecture, single-pass multi-texturing and bump mapping

Full OpenGL ICD

  • Full support and compliance for powerful and demanding Windows NT and OpenGL applications
  • 8-bit stencil buffer, 16/24/32 z-buffer, fog and fog tables and perspectively correct mip-mapped texturing for precision, sharpness and incredible realism
  • Certified with 3D Studio MAX by Kinetix and Newtek's LightWave3D

Hardware DVD

  • Process full-frame rate, full-screen DVD or MPEG-2/DVD video
  • 4-tap filtered video plays back top quality AVI files
  • Integrated DVD playback saves the cost of buying a separate MPEG-2/DVD decoder card and frees up a computer slot

Features ATI Multimedia Center Software

  • Combines all multimedia needs in one central, easy-to-use application
  • Through one common interface, watch DVD, TV (requires ATI-TV WONDER), perform basic video editing functions, listen to audio CDs and play MPEG-1/MPEG-2 files
  • Fully customizable and easily configures to your PC's installed hardware

2D Workstation Performance for Windows NT

  • Full optimization for Windows NT 4.0
  • 128-bit 2D graphics technology and current command engine provides amazing 2D performance
  • 2D mode support of 16.7 million colors up to 1920x1200 at 76 Hz

3D Acceleration Features

  • OpenGL ICD for Windows NT 4.0 & Windows 98/95
  • DirectX, Direct3D, DirectDraw
  • Triangle Setup Engine
  • Texture Cache
  • Bilinear/Trilinear Filtering
  • Line & Edge Anti-Aliasing
  • Texture Compositing
  • Texture Decompression
  • Specular Lighting
  • Perspectively Correct Texture Mapping
  • Mip-Mapping
  • Z-buffering and Double-buffering
  • Bump mapping
  • Fog effects, texture lighting, video textures, reflections, shadows, spotlights, LOD biasing and texture morphing

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