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     Видеокарты : ATI RAGE 128 All-In-Wonder PCI/AGP  

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ATI RAGE 128 All-In-Wonder PCI/AGP

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  • RAGE™ 128 family 3D graphics performance
  • Intelligent TV-Tuner with Digital VCR
  • TV-ON-DEMAND™ **
  • Interactive Program Guide
  • Still image and MPEG-2* motion video capture
  • Video editing
  • Hardware DVD video playback
  • Video output to TV or VCR

128-bit 3D & 2D Graphics Acceleration

  • RAGE™ 128 family 128-bit chip technology
  • Up to 32MB of dedicated memory and 32-bit color enhance your 3D experience
  • Full 3D acceleration in all modes and color depths in resolutions up to 1920x1200@32bpp
  • Support for DirectX® and OpenGL®
  • 8 million triangles/second set-up engine improves your 3D graphics experience

32-Bit True Color Graphics

  • 32-bit true color mode lets you experience millions of colors and richer details like reflections and shadows

Rock-Solid Hardware DVD Video Playback

  • Watch cinema-quality, full-screen DVD movies right on your PC or attached TV se
  • Save the expense of buying a separate MPEG-2/DVD decoder card
  • Integrated iDCT and motion compensation allows for flicker-free DVD decoding with minimum CPU usage

Intelligent TV-Tuner - turn your PC into TV

  • 125-channel TV-tuner lets you watch high-quality stereo TV on your PC
  • Schedule the viewing of favorite shows, scan through all available stations for a glance at what's on

Digital VCR with Real-time Video Compression and Video Editing

  • Highly advanced video capabilities including a Digital VCR with real-time video compression software
  • Record TV shows and movies on your PC
  • Capture more video than ever before, using the same amount of disk space!
  • Use video editing software that comes in the box to create your own professional-looking home videos

Capture MPEG-2* Motion Video And Still Images from any Video Source

  • Add excitement and interest to all sorts of projects including business presentations, school projects, and websites
  • Capture still and moving images from sources such as VCRs, camcorders, and laserdiscs
  • Up to 720x480 video resolution in MPEG-2 capture using an Intel® Pentium® III (or equivalent system)

Video output to TV and VCR

  • Connect your ALL-IN-WONDER® 128 board to your TV or VCR
  • Connect to your big screen TV and enjoy exciting, larger-than-life gaming or the wide variety of experiences on the Internet; from entertainment to exploration to education

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