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     Видеокарты : ATI RAGE FURY MAXX  

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64MB of Extreme 3D Gaming Power


  • 64MB of local texture memory
  • Powered by dual ATI RAGE 128 PRO graphics engines using ATI's MAXX™ technology for breathtaking 3D speed
  • Delivers 500 Megapixels/sec "fill rate" required for high frame rate game play
  • High resolution, true color (32-bit) quality graphics without performance degradation
  • Features ATI's Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) technology for incredibly smooth game frame rate action
  • Full acceleration of OpenGL ICD, Direct3D and DirectX 7.0 3D games
  • Top rated Hardware DVD video playback in Video2000 benchmark
  • AGP Universal bus (for AGP 2X/4X systems)

64MB of Raw Graphics Power for Today's 3D Gaming

  • A whopping 64MB of memory delivers 3D game frame rates at extraordinary levels
  • Processes massive graphics textures in today's most graphics intensive 3D games
  • Incredible 3D performance delivers smooth animation, amazing color depths, rich and realistic lighting effects and life-like textures for all your gaming needs

Powered by ATI's MAXX technology

  • Powered by dual ATI RAGE 128 PRO graphics accelerators using MAXX (multiple accelerator) technology
  • RAGE FURY MAXX delivers maximum speed for 3D gaming on a single board
  • Delivers a maximum "fill rate" (textured pixels rendered per second) of 500 Megapixels/second that is necessary for accelerating the latest games in high resolutions and high frame rates

ATI'S Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) Technology

  • Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) is a unique and proprietary technology (patent pending) for smooth 3D performance and more precise gaming control
  • Each RAGE 128 PRO chip used in MAXX implementation renders alternate frames for optimal graphics processing
  • Unlike other multiple chip processing boards, each accelerator on RAGE FURY MAXX can render ahead without waiting for the other accelerator making AFR the more efficient technique delivering higher game frame rates
  • Each graphics chip is allocated dedicated local graphics memory to prevent tearing, discontinuous or other artifacts in the final image

No Compromise 32-bit True Color 3D Graphics

  • The fastest 3D performance in both 16-bit (65,000 colors) and 32-bit (16.7 million colors) color rendering without compromising game frame rate action
  • Experience millions or more colors and richer details like reflections and shadows - at the same level of frame rates
  • 32-bit color rendering support saves the time and hassle of upgrading your graphics board when all of the hot 3D titles will require 32-bit mode support for a maximum experience

Full Acceleration of DirectX, Direct3D and Full OpenGL ICD

  • RAGE FURY MAXX instantly brings you superior gaming quality right out of the box with full acceleration for today's hottest 3D games
  • Full support and compliance for powerful and demanding -DirectX 7.0, Direct3D and OpenGL games and applications
  • 8-bit stencil buffer and advanced 3D architecture and features will let you experience the coolest effects for incredible realism

Hardware DVD Video Playback

  • ATI's hardware DVD received top rated results in MadOnion's Video2000 DVD playback benchmark (February 2000)
  • Watch full-frame rate, full motion DVD or MPEG-2 video for a true multimedia experience on your PC
  • Hardware DVD saves the expense of buying a separate MPEG-2/DVD decoder card
  • Integrated iDCT and motion compensation technology allows for DVD decoding with minimum CPU usage

3D Acceleration Features

  • Dual engine acceleration for full-screen 3D
  • Single engine acceleration for windowed 3D
  • OpenGL ICD for Windows 98
  • DirectX 7.0, Direct3D, DirectDraw
  • Twin Cache Architecture
  • Superscalar Rendering
  • Single-Pass Multitexturing
  • True Color Rendering
  • Triangle Setup Engine
  • Texture Cache
  • Bilinear/Trilinear Filtering
  • Line & Edge Anti-aliasing
  • Texture Compositing
  • Texture Decompression
  • Specular Highlights
  • Perspectively Correct Texture Mapping
  • Mip-Mapping
  • Z-buffering and Double-buffering
  • Bump mapping
  • Fog effects, texture lighting, video textures, reflections, shadows, spotlights, LOD biasing and texture morphing

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