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     Видеокарты : ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder (AGP)  

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ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder (AGP)

версия для печати


    • Watch what you want, when you want
    • Pause live TV
    • Instant Replay
  • Gemstar GUIDE Plus+™ Interactive Program Guide
    • Interactive TV listings with no monthly fee
    • RADEON™ graphics for incredibly fast 3D graphics performance
  • Best video available on a PC
    • Create and edit professional-looking home videos
    • Watch DVD movies
  • Connect to
    • PC monitor or television set
    • Digital Flat panel (AGP version only)
    • Dolby® Digital receiver

A whole new way to watch and interact with TV

  • Stereo TV-tuner
    • Watch high-quality 125-channel TV on your PC, full-screen or in a window while you work or browse the Internet
    • Now you can watch your favorite TV program while downloading files from the Internet!
    • Take total control of TV viewing: pause or rewind, then scroll forward, or record live TV broadcasts for later viewing
    • Pitch corrected audio allows you to watch live TV or recordings at slow, fast, or normal speed without sacrificing audio clarity
  • Gemstar GUIDE Plus+™ Interactive Program Guide (North America)
    • Scroll through Gemstar GUIDE Plus+™ listings while watching the current channel in a window
    • Search and schedule programs for viewing or recording by title, category (i.e. golf, comedies, etc.), actor/performer or date
    • All the benefits of a Personal Video Recorder without a monthly fee
  • Zoom and Pan
    • Zoom in on the action
    • Pan within the zoomed video
  • TV Magazine & Hot Words (North America)
    • Create a TV Magazine with images and text from the chosen programs
    • Use the "Hot Words" real-time word notification feature to let you know when words or phrases are detected - great tool for journalists, investors, students or sports fans

Best 3D with RADEON™ graphics technology

  • Powered by the new RADEON™ Graphics Processing Unit featuring ATI's CHARISMA ENGINE™ and PIXEL TAPESTRY™ architecture technologies
  • Bring 3D game characters to life with a new level of realism and cutting edge character animation features never before seen on a PC, along with a 10 fold improvement in 3D details and performance

MPEG-2* video, still image capture and video editing

  • Capture MPEG-2 video at full 720x480 30 fps resolution
  • Grab still images from VCRs or camcorders
  • Create and edit professional-looking home videos using MPEG-2 video capture and the video editing software included in the retail box. Transfer them to CD and watch them on your DVD player!

True home theater experience with DVD and digital audio output

  • Hardware DVD video playback
    • Watch flicker-free DVD movies on your PC or attached TV set
    • Save the expense of buying a separate MPEG-2/DVD decoder card
  • Digital Audio Output (S/PDIF)
    • Connect to your Dolby® Digital stereo system for a full 5.1 channel home theater experience

Connect to display of your choice: big-screen TV, PC monitor or digital flat panel - the choice is yours

  • Digital Flat Panel (DVI-I) support (AGP version only)
    • DVI-I Interface lets you connect ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ to new DVI-I Digital Flat Panels
    • Enjoy crisper and clearer images and reduce eyestrain from prolonged viewing
    • Save space on your desk
  • Video output to TV and VCR
    • Connect to a big-screen TV for bigger than life gaming action or share Internet experiences with family
    • Create videotapes of PC content by connecting your PC to a VCR


  • PC monitor: 15-pin VGA
  • DVI-I output (VGA monitors connect through DVI-I to VGA adapter - AGP version only)
  • Stereo audio, S-video and composite video inputs
  • S-video and composite video outputs
  • External stereo audio connection to sound card's line input
  • Dolby® Digital stereo audio output (S/PDIF)

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