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     Видеокарты : Asus V9280S  

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Asus V9280S

версия для печати

World’s Most Advanced GPU– NVIDIA® GeForce 4™ TI 4200-8X
  • AGP 8X support
  • NVIDIA nfiniteFX™ II Engine
  • Accuview Antialiasing™ Subsystem
  • nView™ Display Technology
  • NVIDIA Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ (LMA) II
  • Microsoft® DirectX® 8.X and OpenGL® 1.3 Optimizations and Support

Advanced circuit design
The PCB of the V9280S is specifically designed for high-speed operations. The V9280S easily defeated all generic GeForce4 Ti4200-8X cards by other vendors in various 3D benchmarks.

ViVo support
With Video-in and TV-out support, the V9280S provides easy and high-quality video experience.
ASUS Digital VCR
The ASUS Digital VCR allows users to capture their favorite videos with MPEG I, MPEG II and AVI compressions, and enjoy high-quality video playback.
ASUS VideoSecurity II 

ASUS VideoSecurity is powerful software for users to flexibly build their own security systems.

  • Detect any environmental change, or monitor a specified location, or screen any visitor
  • When there is a deviation in the user-defined region, it can:
    1. Capture the detected unusual condition in high quality AVI file
    2. Take a single/multiple snapshots of the detected object
    3. Send a warning e-mail with snapshots to a user-defined address
    4. Make a warning call to a user-defined phone number
    5. Execute a user-defined program
  • Full digital technology used is better than VCR-type video security system

Effective cooling system
A high-quality cooling system equipped with a copper heatsink, a three-fin fan, two standalone memory heatsinks and a full-size backboard heatsink. The V9280S provides stability and top-performance even on high clock rates.
Superior Performance ( ASUS V9280S v.s. Generic )
  ASUS V9280S Generic Ti4200-8X
3DMark2001 SE ( 560+ Higher )@ 1600*1200*32(60Hz) 6615 6047
GPU Clock ( 10% Higher ) 275 MHz 250 MHz
Memory Clock ( 20% Higher ) 600 MHz 500 MHz
PCB Spec. 8 Layers 6 Layers
Memory Type BGA TSOP

V9280S SuperFast
Engine Clock 275 MHz
Memory Clock (DDR) 600 MHz (300MHz DDR)
Memory Bandwidth 8.0 GB/sec.
Fill Rate(AA Samples/sec.) 4 Billion
Vertices per Second 113 Million
Operations per Second 1.03 Trillion
Effective Memory Clock Rat 600 MHz
RAMDACs 350 (MHz)

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